Sparco GRID Q SKY FIA Fibreglass Seat

385,00 €


The Sparco Grid QRT competition seat has been designed with multiple removable cushions to offer the driver more options to customise the fit. Manufactured using Sparco's QRT production method has reduced the weight by a massive 2.5kg over the older Grid II seat (now only 6.8kg)

  • QRT manufacturing process for a much lighter seat with no compromise on safety or rigidity
  • Removable 'modular' cushions for a more tailored fit
  • High lateral leg support abd low profile leg cushion keep drivers legs withing the seat for improved safety

The modular cushions on the Grid II QRT seat are held in place with velcro so they can easily be removed or re-positioned as required. All of the cushions can be removed to facilitate a resin seat kit to be used. The lightweight fibreglass shell is rigid and features 5 harness slots and side mount threaded receptacles.

FIA 8855-1999 approved

What is QRT?

QRT (Quick Resin Technology) is a state of the art manufacturing process developed by Sparco to create the lightest and most resilient fibreglass shell seats currently available. The QRT range of seats offer a 30% reduction in weight, compared to a fibreglass seat manufactured using traditional methods, with no compromise to safety or quality.


ADV ELITE32046533047063040053029012066010105007202608603603709.8kg
ADV-SCX H320465330470630400530290120660101050072026086036037011.6kg
S-LIGHT +260440310510580385500296120590900-640270-360-4.90kg
CIRCUIT LF26045030048058039055029011058093051057026077034054012.8kg
CIRCUIT II LF3104603304705904105302901205809405306602807703704409.62kg
PRO ADV TS3104603404705904005302901205809304106702107603903108.8kg
PRO ADV32046533048063040053029012058093049059023077034054012kg
PRO ADV CARBON3204653304706304005302901205809304906502507803803807.34kg
PRO2000 LF312473330490590400535290115580900-520210-3605108.9kg
PRO2000 II LF335480360490590430500290120580900-530210-365-10.2kg
ERGO M32349034050057541556529060595960470-----10.7kg
ERGO L340510370520600430600290606401020470-----11.5kg
EVO II280440330535590420510290160620915-650180-400-9.6kg
EVO III300510350570645440510290120600875-515205-4105708.9kg
312473330490590400535290115580900 520210 3605109.3kg
REV II315467330-585430510290120650540------9.36kg
SPRINT L43050043053056146055029080-900------14kg
SPRINT SKY345450330490520410520290110550860-565160-360-9.00
SPRINT SKY L43050043053056146055029080-900------14kg