Terratrip 303 V4 GeoTrip GPS Rally Computer

Terratrip 303 V4 GeoTrip GPS Rally Computer

With over 30 years experience in the design and development of motorsport rally technology, Terratrip are one of the market leaders and provide high accuracy rally computers which are robust and reliable.

This latest version of the 303 incorporates GPS technology making installation and use easier than ever before. By using GPS to calculate the distance it removes the necessity to fit speed sensors to the car and also does not require calibration. This is an added bonus if different size wheels or tyres are used during an event. GPS can also be more accurate than traditional speed probes because of the amount of wheelspin encountered with most rally cars, which would otherwise give a false distance reading.
The inbuilt GPS unit is far more accurate than those found in smart phones or sat nav devices and is proven accurate to 0.2% of total distance driven.
The option is still there to add up to two traditional speed probes if required as some events may be held in areas of dense forestry where a satellite signal may not always be present. In this instance the computer instantly recognises that the satellite signal is lost and automatically switched the input to the speed probe until signal is restored. This way there is no break in the distance recorded. If the satellite signal is lost and no additional probes are in use, then the computer estimates the distance traveled while the signal was out.



  • GPS enabled
  • External Antenna
  • Total distance display up to 999.99 and interval up to 99.99
  • Time of day, stopwatch, speed and average speed
  • Time of day display automatically freezes when the stopwatch is stopped making it easy to check rally officials time
  • Calibrate for miles or km
  • 5 Digit Calibration
  • Two probe inputs
  • Two calibration numbers
  • Speed indication
  • Manually adjustable total distance display
  • Distance Fly for: fast  adjustment of distance display
  • Count up and down facility
  • Split (freeze) function
  • Electronic memory back up
  • LED Display back lighting
  • Full numerical keypad
  • Optional remote display for speed, interval distance or average speed. LED regularity target speed indicators
  • Performance timers showing: 0-60, 0-100, 0-xx customs speed. The timers also show deceleration timing.
  • Auto calibrate to any set distance
  • Use GPS to calibrated probes.
  • HR model which measures to 1 metre for road surveying


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